PyGraz Mai: Coding Dojo
2019-05-07 Tue 19:00 -23:00
  • Anmeldung

In May, we are going to do a coding dojo. What is it about?

A coding dojo means we are going to program python collectively and collaboratively. One navigator gives orders what the programmer (another person) has to program. The remaining people (audience) watch and are allowed to comment the program. Every 5 minutes the roles rotate.

What are we going to program? Last month, Lukas & Martin introduced the Dragon curve. It is a fractal created by simple instructions and can be derived from folding a strip of paper. Lukas will give a short introduction to the Dragon curve and in the following, we are going to program a visualization together. Hint: It is advantageous to look up python's bitwise operators and their semantics in advance.


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