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GriCal (which is a short form for Grid Calendar) is an open web where people store quickly a few information about interesting events, so that others can also easily know about them. GriCal also makes easy and fast to get notified and store interesting events in its own external calendars.

GriCal offers its content as free content allowing its reuse by any party under the conditions of the CC-BY-SA license. Its source code is Free Software and thus respects the Open Knowledge Definition and the Open Software Service Definition of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Events in GriCal can be edited by anyone like pages of the Wikipedia. The description of an event is rendered using ReStructuredText syntax.

You can subscribe to an event (or to the result of filters) to get notified of any change, comment, or new event matching a filter.


GriCal has groups. A group consist of some users and events. Groups allows its users to create lists of events to monitor them or to offer them on another platform.

Searches and filters

  • Giving a simple word ( @word ) which is looked up in the fields city or country. Example: @berlin
  • Giving the name of a place and a distance. @london+100 would look 100 kilometers around the center of the most relevant place with the name london (being it London in Great Britain). The country can be specified with e.g. @london,ca (the most relevant city with the name London in Canada).
  • Giving a coordinate and a distance ( @52.55247,13.40364+500km ).
  • Giving four coordinates defining a rectangle: longitude_west, longitude_east, latitude_north, latitude_south. Example: @13.324,13.463,52.5503,52.4701.

Events as text

Events can be submitted per email to event ät The subject of the email is ignored. Example of the body of an email:

title: GridCalendar presentation
start: 2010-12-29
tags: calendar software open-source gridmind gridcalendar

You can optionally include more data in the submission. Example:

acronym: GriCal
title: GridCalendar presentation
start: 2010-12-29
starttime: 10:00
end: 2010-12-30
endtime: 18:00
tags: calendar software open-source gridmind gridcalendar
address: Gleimstr. 6, Berlin 10439, DE
coordinates: 52.55247, 13.40364
    2009-11-01    visitor tickets
    2010-10-01    call for papers
timezone: 60
    2010-12-29    10:00-11:00    first presentation
    2010-12-29    15:00-16:00    second presentation
    2010-12-30    15:00-16:00    third presentation

GridCalendar will be presented

The field description must be the last one and its content can contain multiple lines. The content is rendered as ReStructuredText.

Recurring events

A recurring event is one that happens again after a period of time. For instance a weekly or monthly meeting.

It is possible to create and edit recurrences of an event in GriCal by using the web interface: edit the event and select recurrences

It is also possible to add recurrences in GriCal by editing an event as text, but it is not possible to edit its recurrences. Example of adding two recurrences:

title: GridCalendar presentation
start: 2010-12-29
tags: calendar software open-source gridmind gridcalendar

Notice that the recurrences will have the same data except for the start date, the deadlines and the sessions.

Event history and event deletions

Since events can be modified by anyone, including anonymous (not logged-in) users, GriCal stores (remembers) all revisions (states) of events. All revisions of an event is called history, like the history of an entry in the Wikipedia.

Only logged-in users can delete or revert an event to a previous revision.

When an event is deleted, it is possible to indicate another event containing the information of the deleted event. Users trying to access the deleted event will be then redirected to the other one.


GriCal content can be integrated in external pages. See the wiki page about our API

GriCalDroid (Android App)

We have an Android app that allows to search and displays the result as a list, on a map or in a calendar.

To use GriCalDroid, Download GriCalDroid to your phone and install it.


More help

If you need more help, you can contact our mailing list at grical ät or try our IRC (what is IRC?) channel irc://