PyGRAZ Septemer: Gradual typing, typing module and mypy
2019-09-03 Tue 19:00 -23:00
  • Anmeldung

During PyGRAZ September, we are going to discuss type systems. Gradual typing, typing module and mypy.

First, Lukas is going to talk about function annotations and related optional features introduced in python 3. In particular, python 3.5 introduced the typing module and thus implicitly a type system. Tools like mypy allow to verify partial correctness of the declared types. The talk is meant to give an overview over theoretical aspects of related PEPs and introduces listeners to applications of the features.

Second, Matthias is going to talk about Erlang’s pattern matching capabilities. In July 2015 (https://pygraz.org/meetups/2015-07-07), we have seen that pattern matching commonly assumes complete, strong type systems. However, Erlang shows that pattern matching must not be necessarily related to types. Matthias will give us an introduction to Erlang‘s approach to this topic and we will conclude with a discussion which/whether/how they can be applied/mapped to python.


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