OpenPGP workshop
2015-11-24 Tue 20:00 -22:00


OpenPGP is an encryption mechanism that is widely used for:

  • encrypting and authenticating email;
  • checking authenticity of files, especially software.


Anyone willing to spend a couple of hours learning about it.


  • bring your own computer and a USB thumbdrive that you will format (and install Tails on). It will be even better if you can have Tails installed on it ahead of time!
  • for extra tinfoil-hattery, bring along a computer that you keep offline! (totally optional)


Note that listening to me yammering for 2 hours would be all too boring,
so we will be interleaving explanations and practical application!
  1. Introduction to OpenPGP
    • What is it? What is it not?
    • How do I do that and encrypt mails?
    • How do I know that I have the right key for the right person?
    • Primary keys, subkeys, ...
  2. (Ab)using Tails for offline key management
  3. Key signing
    • What does signing means?
    • What do/should I check for when signing?


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