PyGRAZ Meetup: The Pythonic Way Crosses Oracle's Exadata
2017-10-03 Tue 19:00 -22:00
Brockmanngasse 15-17, Graz, Austria
  • Meetup

After the relaxing PyGRAZ meetings during the summer, where we enjoyed the sun in beer gardens while trading Python stories, this time Rainer Schüttengruber from the Raiffeisen Rechenzentrum gives a talk about how Python helped to simplify the maintenance of database cluster.

"Perl and especially bash scripts have appeared to be tools of trade for database administrators over decades. Whereas there can be no doubt that the former mentioned languages can contribute to automating daily routine chores on the one hand, they contribute to quick and dirty solution on the other. By contrast, Python, with its focus on readability amongst a plethora of well-designed and tested modules, appears to set the stage for a clean and reusable code base that acts as a reliable helping hand for the busy database administrator. This talk will discuss a Python based implementation of such a helping hand for an Oracle Exadata Machine that does not only focus on functionality but on quality by considering the principles of continuous integration. Amongst outlining the tool chain and used Python modules, I will give an overview of an exciting journey, starting out with a single script that has found its way to a full-blown continuous integration based Python solution."


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