pygraz-dez - PyGraz December: Lightning Talks
2019-12-03 Tue 19:00 -22:00
realraum Graz Brockmanngasse 15 8010 Graz   —   47.0655488753, 15.450591445 ( OpenStreetMapGoogle )
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In December, we are going to offer lightning talks on topics related to python.

You solved a small problem with python software? You have found and tried an interesting package on pypi? You discovered new features of a recent python version? Lightning talks give you an opportunity to share your findings with others and get some feedback. A lightning talk is a 5-10 minute presentation (slides are encouraged, but not necessary). Each talk is followed by a small discussion and a feedback session. In the best case, each participant gives a lightning talk such that we cover many small topics.

Join us at realraum!


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